fixes for attack view?

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fixes for attack view?

Post by Grab » Wed May 30, 2018 12:32 pm

important feature request:

the attack tab is my personal favourite, however it lacks the check of following:

- duplicate entry check (warning that this farm is included already, but still possible to add more than once)
- sort function for the table: by target, troops, interval, strategy etc.
- splited view of the target field content into seperate columns: x, y, player, village (and make it sortable too)
- clear button should have a "do you really want to clear? [Y/N]"-window
- update of the current json format: column for each unit type, not all types in one field

detailed description
right now i can't see duplicates easily, if i add 200 new targets every day i can only sort duplicates out if i export them, put the file into a json converter to see it as table, delete the unit info (as they all are one field (!) and not a column per unit type) and then sort it and mark them, then i have to find it in the original and manually get rid of it. that could be avoided, if the json format would be changed in respect of the unit info (highlighted above), then also enabling sorting would be easy! (that would make old versions jason incompatible, if that updates comes, please make remarks accourdingly - but conversion to new format should not be that difficult to arrange as well)
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