Some suggestions for the program

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Some suggestions for the program

Post by alan » Mon May 14, 2018 9:26 am

Hi, voidsun.
Thanks for your development of this useful tools, but I have some suggestions and fix that I would like to talk about.

1. If some villages are holding the treasure, the program will record the village that holding treasure as main village instead of real one, and as a result I cannot apply the main village only upgrade on the real one. (bugs)

2. The program is set to prevent negative production when upgrading buildings. It is good safety protection for prevent death of troops but I think it is sometime inconvenient. For example, in WW village, there will have a lot of troops and logically the food production will always negative. I need to upgrade that in web page every time I can upgrade instead of doing it in program. I am going to say that if the food balance is positive, they should be allowed to upgrade buildings. The warning of negative food production can be alerted in other places and let the users to deal with it themselves. (bugs/suggestion)

3. Is it possible to add resources production for each village in villages summary tab? (suggestion)

4. Is it possible to add remaining time to maximum storage and 0 food when negative food production? (suggestion)

5. Is it possible to read the market traders that not done by the program and record its back time? (so the program can update the number of traders and make the next order immediately.) (suggestion)

6. Is it possible to place sell order in the market with the program? (sell only is okay)(suggestion)

7. Is 2 min waiting time is necessary or can it be further reduce to let say 1 min or smaller? (suggestion)

8. A place that can remove unwanted template(all kinds). (suggestion)

Thank you very much.
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